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Journal Article

Faes, Yannick; Maguire, Claire; Notari, Michele; Elfering, Achim (2018). Stochastic Resonance Training Improves Balance and Musculoskeletal Well-Being in Office Workers: A Controlled Preventive Intervention Study. Rehabilitation Research and Practice, 1 (1), pp. 1-9. 10.1155/2018/5070536

Notari, Michele; Tsobko, Tanja; Churchill, D. (2016). Using wearable devices to acquire new literacies. A new pedagogical approach of situated individual feedback coming from the Activity Trackers and reflected upon in the ePortfolio. The 2016 International Mobile Learning Festival (IML 2016), Bangkok, Thailand, 27-28 May 2016, 112 -118.

Notari, Michele; Tsobko, Tanja; Churchill, Daniel (2016). Personal biometric information from wearable technology tracked and followed using an ePortfolio. A case study of eHealth literacy development with emerging technology in Hong Kong higher education. Proceedings of the Mobile Learning International conference IADIS in Portugal, 247 - 253.

Martin, S.; Notari, Michele (2014). Affordances, Approaches and Challenges for Blended, Technology– enhanced Learning: Present and Future Development. Educational Research and Evaluation: An international Journal on Theory and Practice, 20, pp. 7-8.

Notari, Michele; Baumgartner, Adrian; Herzog, Walther (2013). Social skills as predictors of communication, performance and quality of collaboration in project-based learning. Journal of computer assisted learning, 30 (2), pp. 132-147.

Notari, Michele; Schär, Sonja; Schellenberg, Martin; Chu, Samuel (2013). Empowering formative assessment using embedded Web Widgets in Wikis. WikiSym + OpenSym, pp. 100-110.

Chu, Edwin; Notari, Michele; Chen, Katherine; Chan, Chi Keung; Chu, Samuel; Wu, Wendy (2013). A triangulated investigation of using wiki for project-based learning in different undergraduate discipline. WikiSym + OpenSym, pp. 100-110.

Minder, Stefan; Notari, Michele; Hofer, Rainer; Woermann, Ulrich (2012). Computer Generated Voice-Over in a Medical E-Learning Application: The Impact on Factual Learning Outcome. Journal of Universal computer Science, 18 (3), pp. 314-326.

Notari, Michele; Baumgartner, Adrian (2011). Individual and group level expressions of social skills as predictors of satisfaction & performance. Proceedings of a conference (International Conference: Education for a Global Networked Society), pp. 345-348.

Notari, Michele (2009). The impact of computer supported written communication in a collaborative project based learning scenario. Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Computer supported collaborative learning, pp. 264-266.

Döbeli, Beat; Notari, Michele (2009). Over-computing CSCL macro scripts? Gaining flexibility by using WikiPlus instead of specialized tools for authoring macro scripts. CSCL'09 Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Computer supported collaborative learning – Volume 1, pp. 482-486.

Notari, Michele (2008). OLPC-schweiz: Visionen, Ziele, Aktivitäten. Interface (1), pp. 17-21.

Notari, Michele; Minder, Stefan (2008). Electronic messaging in collaborative e-learning environments: A method to assess two key factors of communication quality: HCI and language. Proceeding of World Conference on Educational Media, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (ED-Media), pp. 1098-1103.

Notari, Michele (2007). Why is Media Wiki not (yet) the ideal Wiki-engine for (formal) educational settings? Wikimania 2007: The international Wikimedia Conference, pp. 231-233.

Notari, Michele (2006). How to Use a Wiki in Education: ‘Wiki based Effective Constructive Learning’. Wikisym 2006: International Symposium on Wikis Odense DK, pp. 131-132.

Notari, Michele (2005). Action based learning. mittendrin (2), pp. 10-13.

Notari, Michele (2002). Internet at school. School net guide eLearning (3) Zürich / St. Gallen: Swisscom.

Book Section

Notari, Michele; Wong, Gary (2018). Exploring Immersive Language Learning Using Virtual Reality. In: Spector, M.; Lockee, B.; Childress, M. (eds.) Learning, Design, and Technology (pp. 1-21). Cham: Springer 10.1007/978-3-319-17727-4_144-1

Notari, Michele; Hielscher, Michael (2015). Educational App ontology. In: Churchill, D.; Lu, D.; Chu, T; Fox, B. (eds.) In Mobile learning Design, Theories and Applications (pp. 83-96). Hong Kong: Springer 10.1007/978-981-10-0027-0_5

Notari, Michele; Döbeli, Beat (2011). Wiki: an archetypical tool for collaborative learning in the digital age. In: Bocconi, Stefania; Trentin, Guglielmo (eds.) Wiki supporting formal and informal learning (pp. 21-40). New York: Nova Publishers

Notari, Michele; Baumgartner, Adrian (2011). Social skills as predictors of satisfaction and performance in a project-based learning CSCL environment: An empirical study. In: Spada, Hans; Stahl, Gerry; Miyake, Naomi; Law, Nancy (eds.) Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice. CSCL 2011 Conference Proceedings (pp. 601-605). Hong Kong: International Society of the Learning Sciences

Döbeli, Beat; Notari, Michele (2011). Visualizing learning processes using Didactic Process Maps. In: Kohls, Christian; Wedekind, Joachim (eds.) Investigations of E-Learning Patterns: Context Factors, Problems and Solutions (pp. 275-295). Hershey (US): IGI Global

Notari, Michele; Baumgartner, Adrian (2010). The impact of the distribution of social skills within learning groups in a CSCL-setting: An empirical pilot study. In: Gomez, Kimberly; Lyons, Leilah; Radinsky, Joshua (eds.) Learning in the Disciplines: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2010): Short Papers, Symposia, and Selected Abstracts (pp. 288-290). Chicago: International Society of the Learning Sciences

Notari, Michele (2009). Learning in an active collaborative space. In: Ebner, Martin; Schiefner, Mandy (eds.) Looking toward the Future of Technology-Enhanced Education: Ubiquitous Learning and the Digital Native (pp. 275-294). Hershey (US): IGI Global

Notari, Michele (2007). Didactic Process Map Language: Visualisieren von Unterrichtsszenarien als Planungs-, Reflexions, und Evaluationshilfe. In: Merkt, M.; Mayrberger, K.; Schulmeister, R.; Sommer, A.; van den Berk, I. (eds.) Medien in der Wissenschaft 44 (p. 416). Münster: Waxmann Verlag

Notari, Michele; Schneider, D. K. (2004). Scripting strategies in computer supported collaborative learning environments. In: Méndez-Vilas, A.; Mesa González, J. A.; Mesa González, J. (eds.) Advances in Technology-Based Education: Toward a Knowledge-Based Society (pp. 534-540). Badajoz (ES): Junta de Extremadura, Consejería de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología


Martin, Stewart; Notari, Michele (2018). Technology-Enhanced and Collaborative Learning. London: Routledge.

Chu, Samuel Kai Wah; Reinolds, Rebecca B.; Tavares, Nicole J.; Notari, Michele; Lee, Celina Wing Yi (2016). 21st Century Skills Development Through Inquiry-Based Learning: From Theory to Practice. Springer research. Springer. 10.1007/978-981-10-2481-8

Notari, Michele; Reinolds, Rebecca; Chu, Samuel Kai Wah; Doebeli Honegger, Beat (2016). The Wiki-Way of Learning. Chicago: ALA Editors.

Notari, Michele; Döbeli, Beat (2013). Der Wiki-Weg des Lernens. Bern: hep Verlag.


Notari, Michele (2008). Wie kann so wenig so viel bewirken? Eine Erfolgsstory von Wikis im Unterricht. Kaiserslautern: Deutscher Veren zur Förderung des mathematischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Unt.

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