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Dobricki, Martin; Kim, Kevin G.; Coppi, Alessia E.; Dillenbourg, Pierre; Cattaneo, Alberto (2021). Perceived educational usefulness of a virtual-reality work situation depends on the spatial human-environment relation. Research in Learning Technology, 29, p. 2453. 10.25304/rlt.v29.2453

Dobricki, Martin; Weibel, David; Angelini, Leonardo; Mugellini, Elena; Mast, Fred W. (2021). Locomotor illusions are generated by perceptual body-environment organization. PLoS One, 16 (5), e0251562.

Kim, Kevin Gonyop; Oertel, Catharine; Dobricki, Martin; Olsen, Jennifer K.; Coppi, Alessia E.; Cattaneo, Alberto; Dillenbourg, Pierre (2020). Using immersive virtual reality to support designing skills in vocational education. British Journal of Educational Technology, 51 (6), pp. 2199-2213.

Dobricki, Martin; Evi-Colombo, Alessia; Cattaneo, Alberto (2020). Situating Vocational Learning and Teaching Using Digital Technologies - A Mapping Review of Current Research Literature. International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training, 7 (3), pp. 344-360.

Dobricki, Martin; Pauli, Paul (2016). Sensorimotor body-environment interaction serves to regulate emotional experience and exploratory behavior. Heliyon, 25, e00173.

Baur, Ivo; Dobricki, Martin; Lips, Markus (2016). The basic motivational drivers of northern and central European farmers. Journal of Rural Studies, 46, pp. 93-101.

Sereke, Firesenai; Dobricki, Martin; Wilkes, Jerylee; Kaeser, Alexandra; Graves, Anil R.; Szerencsits, Erich; Herzog, Felix (2015). Swiss farmers don’t adopt agroforestry because they fear for their reputation. Agroforestry Systems, 89 (5), pp. 1-10.

Dobricki, Martin; Mohler, Betty (2015). Self-identification with another's body alters self-other face distinction. Perception, 44 (7), pp. 814-820.

Dobricki, Martin; de la Rosa, Stephan (2013). The structure of conscious bodily self-perception during full-body illusions. PLoS One, 8 (12), e83840.

Dobricki, Martin; Mohler, Betty J.; Bülthoff, Heinrich H. (2012). The ownership of a virtual body induced by visuo-tactile stimulation indicates the alteration of self-boundaries. Cognitive Processing, 13, p. 18.

Dobricki, Martin; Mohler, Betty J.; Bülthoff, Heinrich H. (2012). The structure of self-experience during visuo-tactile stimulation of a virtual and the physical body. Seeing and Perceiving, 25, p. 214.

Dobricki, Martin; Mohler, Betty J.; Bülthoff, Heinrich (2012). Onset time of visually induced circular self-motion perception as an indicator for altered self-localization in Immersive Virtual Reality. Journal of Vision, 12 (9), p. 1326.

Dobricki, Martin; Lips, Markus (2012). Communication in Swiss farming cooperatives. Journal of Rural Cooperation, 40 (1), pp. 29-43.

Dobricki, Martin (2011). Basic human values in the Swiss population and in a sample of farmers. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 70 (3), 119–127.

Dobricki, Martin; Komproe, Ivan H.; de Jong, Joop T. V. M.; Maercker, Andreas (2010). Severe life events and adjustment disorders in 4 postconflict settings. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 45 (1), pp. 39-46.

Dobricki, Martin; Maercker, Andreas (2010). Embitterment Disorder: Critical evaluation of its stressor criterion and a proposed revised classification. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, 64 (3), pp. 147-152.

Baur, Ivo; Dobricki, Martin; Lips, Markus (2010). Strategies de haute performance et de pature integrale: attitudes des producteurs. Recherche Agronomique Suisse, 9, pp. 326-333.

Maercker, Andreas; Dobricki, Martin (2008). Anpassungsstörungen: Neue Impulse für eine alte Tradition. Psychosomatik und Konsiliarpsychiatrie, 2, pp. 67-68.


Dobricki, Martin (2009). Kinder der Relativität: Humanexperimentelle Untersuchungen zu Modulationen visueller Strukturen. Berlin: Suedwestdeutscher Verlag fuer Hochschulschriften.

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